Monday, January 2, 2012

Thrifting in My Own Attic

I started the new year by spending the day in my own attic. I went up there to look for something, started organizing and ended up finding lots of things to add to my store. And the best part was that it was all FREE!

The experience made me remember that I have a long history of thrifting. I spent part of my childhood rummaging through thrift stores with my mother. She would buy things for a nickel and then dream of selling it for a profit. Of course there wasn't eBay or Storenvy around back then so she didn't have any way of reselling these items easily. I feel like I'm bringing her dream around full circle by having my  Stuff to Treasure store.

Here are a few things that I found in my attic:
I designed this packaging when I worked for this company.

My friend worked for Matchbox when this came out.

A set of six drinking glasses with the RCA logo. Dad got these as a promotion item through RCA.

These were my mother's old Japanese silver and glass dresser jars. I can't read the Japanese hallmark.

An old Japanese porcelain vase. Again, I can't read the Japanese markings.

My mother was going to throw out these food color jars and I saved them because they were so cute.

Mom collected a few pieces of Carnival ware.

I saved these 7up bottles from the 60s. Don't even ask me why.

Old, French perfume bottle that my mother had. The gold-leaf bottle looks so amazing.

I was into toys, my dad had connections with RCA and my mom collected glass pieces. At least now I can have some fun looking into the history of these items. And many of these pieces will go into my store soon. I already added a lot of new items so please stop by often and take a look. 

I hope everyone had a great beginning to the new year. Let's go thrifting and recycle the fun!

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  1. Happy New Year, Lynda... :-)

    Such beautiful things you found in your attic!

    Those small red-green-blue-bottles are so cute! Did they hold color for food? - or...?

    We did the very same abt. 7 month ago, when we had a YARD SALE here at home. Found so many cool items in the attic which I had forgotten ALL about! And like you said: It was FREE! :-)

    Wishing you all the best for the new year 2012!

    Greetings from Denmark ♥

  2. holy cow that peewee is creepee. <--ha! those food coloring jars are sweet!

  3. I love Pee Wee. Was so psyched when I got a good deal on mine!! Those RCA glasses are quite cool. Good thing you saved those bottles from being pitched, they are cute!

  4. WHOA!! I had (and still have) the not so grand band when I was little! so cool to see them here :)

  5. Can I come look in your attic lol. Awesome finds and you can't beat free!


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