Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finding Treasures in the Rain

Rain was predicted for Saturday so lots of people cancelled or rescheduled their garage sales. Luckily some people rescheduled their sales for Sunday. I only found one but it had some nice things and the prices were reasonable.

My favorite find was this pair of paper storks with honeycomb bodies made in Denmark {Hi Lisbet!}. Both are very fragile and one is in better shape than the other but they are both so cute.

I also found some vintage aluminum pieces. It is usually the bright aluminum colors that catch my eye. This candy/nut dish is a most amazing bright pink. In the center of the dish is an oak leaf and an acorn.

While I was reaching for this bright pink dish I also noticed a very beautiful, soft pink, aluminum butter dish. It was just the sweetest shade of retro pink. 

Yesterday I discovered a fun blog called Magpie Ethel where she shares her overflowing, treasure-filled studio. I don't have the space she does but I was inspired by her display and use of vintage trays and tins. Having said that, here's what else I found today.

First, a cracker tin from 1969. The lid was such a nice blue to go with my vintage studio trash can. But if I took the lid off then the colors would be a patriotic red, white and blue to use for holiday decorating.

I also found seven State souvenir trays. These are so cool but I don't have enough wall space to display them properly. These will go into my store unless I find an undiscovered new wall somewhere.

Next weekend's weather is supposed to be dry so there should be lots of sales. Hope everyone had a fun thrifting weekend.

I will try to get some of these items listed in my store as soon as possible. Please visit later this week.

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  1. so pretty butter dish, loved it :-) I also like going to garage sale but usually ended up with toys for my kids lol visiting from Pink Saturdays, hope that you can return the visit too.

  2. I sure like the butter dish, it would be so much fun to use it.

  3. Two paper storks "made in Denmark"... I LIKE! :-)
    Quite funny you found something from my country so far away...!
    Have a great week, Lynda!
    Greetings from the land of the paper storks... DK!

  4. I know what you mean about running out of wall space. I have the same problem.

    The aluminum pieces are great finds, especially the butter dish! I have a cracker box, but mine is much newer. Mine reminds me of my great aunt who used to store her crackers in the same kind of tin.

  5. Oh my. I would just love to own one of them.


  6. Very cool! Love these! Thanx for sharing!


  7. Love those storks - great find!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Love the butter dish and the storks! Vintage ephemera is a weakness of mine...I have too much...but it's so hard to part with. This week I found some vintage Crazy Daisies Corelle, like we had when I was it!

  9. That the paper storks are still in one piece is amazing. Too cute. I wonder if the trays represented where someone had lived or visited? The pink dish is my fav.

  10. Our garage/estate sales are slow during this time of the year. Look forward to spring. You did very well on this find.

  11. I adore your honeycomb storks! And I never knew there were aluminum pieces other than the drink glasses - such fun to see the other stuff.

    Happy VTT!


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