Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thrifting Treasures

This was a treasure-filled, Thanksgiving weekend.

We went to a garage sale that was a little further away than our usual haunts. The write-up was so interesting so we hoped to find some bargain treasures. We found treasures but they weren't quite bargains.

My first instinct was to grab all of these wonderful ephemera, Christmas and Disney items. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Then I asked the seller for a price and discovered that he had bought a lot of this stuff on eBay and was reselling them. The prices were high so I had to start putting many things back. I admit that I was pouting just like a kid.

I finally had just a handful of items and the seller was kind enough to give me a good deal on my selection even though it was still way more than I hoped to pay but much less than his original quote.

The big ticket item was the Official Boy Scout Binoculars. The packaging looked so vintage and I have several old binoculars.

My favorite find was the Shiny Brite, two-toned, blue/green ornaments in a good-condition box. The original price tags says $1.29 from Newberry's (a five-and-dime store that has long been out of business).

The only piece of ephemera that I kept was a card shaped like a milk bottle with eight suggestions by the National Dairy Council for children to stay healthy. I loved this because suggestion number seven says "Take a bath oftener than once a week". This has a copyright date of 1924 and the illustrations are adorable. The image above shows both the front and back of the same piece.

The last thing I bought were metal candle wax catchers (I think). They look like they slip under a candle to catch dripping wax and are shiny to reflect more light. I plan to use them in a project.

It was another pleasant, treasure-filled weekend.


  1. I really like the vintage National Dairy Council milk bottle card. Super cool.

  2. Great finds ... great post! Came by way of Thrift Share Monday ... thanks for sharing!

  3. Love it!

    I'm sure I'd go absolutely NUTS if I went to an estate sale / garage sale in your area. You always find such great and interesting items...!

    Greetings from Denmark ♥

    BTW: You're one of my favorite blogs, and you're added to my blogroll... ;o)


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