Sunday, November 21, 2010

Estate Sale Thrifting

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It is a rainy weekend here in Southern California. In spite of a bit of rain, we went to a half-off day at an Estate Sale.

I admit that I have a collection of a lot of odd things but they all have two things in common; 1) They are vintage and 2) I like something about them.

I first dug through the small collection of postcards and cabinet cards. I found four lovely postcards that were so sweet. Plus I found a cabinet card of a photo of two sailors but on the back was the most beautiful Art Nouveau illustration that I just couldn't pass up.

I found a box of dominoes. They must be from around the midcentury because the dominoes are very dense but they are in a green vinyl-wrapped box. I plan to do some altered art with the dominoes.

Then there was this Automatic Adding Machine (and Subtracts!) Considering the technical advances in inexpensive calculators today, I thought this "Automatic" Adding (and Subtracting) Machine was rather quaint. This is made in American and must be about midcentury.

I selected one piece of hand-embroidered linen that I thought was very sweet and I needed for a project I have in mind.

My final find was an unopened bag of Christmas tree Candle Clips. These are heavier than the modern versions and have a nice pinecone pattern on the underside of the clip. 

I hope you enjoy my Treasure Thrifting adventure from this weekend.

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  1. Amazing finds! And ADORABLE blog, I love the crafty spirit here. I'm a new follower, and I'll be back for more inspiration!

  2. Wonderful thrift finds! LOVE those pinecone clips!!

  3. I love the black cat postcard...our first cat, was all black with a white tuxedo mark. Our next rescue, is almost all black, but she has a tiny bit of white under her back legs. We adopted two brothers when the first cat died last year; one is black and white with beautiful markings and his brother is a true witch's cat...he is all black without one hair of white. In England, they are good luck, and your card is wishing good luck! Just discovered your site, am signing up as a follower.

  4. That adding/subtracting machine is so cool! I would like to have one onf those at work and throw everyone for a loop. Signing up as a new follower to see more of your thrifty finds :)

  5. Love that adding and subtracting machine. My husband's a CPA, so things like that are always of interest here. The linen is gorgeous, too!

  6. Those are super great finds! I am in love with the little cards, the black cat one is so curious looking. I picked up a vintage adding machine this weekend too, it's got a different style too it, but they are so strange, so foreign, their hard to resist!

  7. I am so glad some of you found the Black Cat postcard and the Adding Machine so fascinating since these were my favorite finds of the day. I scanned and cleaned up the black cat postcard to use for a good luck card for a friend that just got laid off (she has a sweet black cat). Unfortunately the postmark on the back is dated 1939 so I don't know if I can publicly share it without potential copyright issues. I'll do a little research and will gladly share the image if does not infringe on any copyright issues.

    SuzieQ: Thanks for sharing the information that black cats are good luck in England.

    Amanda: I love your idea of taking the Adding Machine to work.

  8. I'm a sucker for vintage postcards and those are great! The adding machine is very cool. :)

  9. What great finds! Very unusual.

  10. lucky you what gorgeous finds..i LOVE the vintage cards & photos!

  11. Great finds!!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy VTT!

  12. I am glad you went to the estate sale. Otherwise, we would never have seen all these great vintage finds.

  13. Great finds! I adore paper ephemera and I just love the candle clips, the embroidered piece is so charming!

    Happy VTT,

  14. The automatic adding machine is definitely quaint. I never saw one of those before.


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