Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Thrifting and Hummingbird Rescue Service

The Spring weather this weekend was beautiful. We attended a few sale and Dear Handyman had to work so I spent some time helping him. While working on a house, a hummingbird flew in and was stuck between a window and the shutters. I had to climb a ladder, gently catch the hummingbird in a towel, climb back down the ladder {while gently holding the towel} then release the bird outside. For one brief moment it sat on my hand before it took flight. What an awesome creature!

My favorite find at the sales were these Spun Cotton Birds that kind of look like hummingbirds and an old velvet floral Corsage.
We also found a large stash of vintage Disneyland tickets. The earliest ones date from 1965 and the latest are from 1980. These tickets bring back such fond memories of trips to Disneyland as a child.
I love finding vintage Christmas decorations. These are two corsages, a large mercury glass candle and bottlebrush table decoration and three sets of mercury glass and bottlebrush wreath earrings.
We found several old handkerchiefs. My favorite is one that I believe is designed by Tom Lamb but isn't signed. It is of a Duck that looks progressively more wild as the poem describes: "Oh! Henny is a wild duck, as wild as wild can be! wilder than any duck you ever did see! I love wild ducks.
Other hankies include Disney's Seven Dwarfs, Howdy Doody and some Valentine hankies. Also found some lovely German Scrap.
I hope everyone had a great day of thrifting. And I hope everyone is starting to enjoy some lovely Spring weather. As always, I will get some of these items into my Stuff to Treasure store.

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