Monday, November 19, 2012

So Much to be Thankful For!

The good news is: I hit my 500 Follower milestone and had a giveaway.
The bad news is: This milestone came right before a major holiday so blog traffic seems slow.
But the really good news is: We have a Winner!

Using the Number Generator, the Winner is ...
#2, Gayle from The Middle Sister.

Congratulations Gayle! I will be contacting you so I can send out your prize.

A big, warm thank you to everyone who participated.

I also wanted to do a follow-up to a previous post. Recently I found a rubber stamp holder and mentioned how I had been wanting one for some time. Thanks to a comment by SummerSews, I decided to share two ideas to purpose and repurpose this stand.

My first idea is the most obvious. I collect date stamps so my plan was to use the holder to display my small collection.
Very practical but extremely obvious.

My second, more unique idea is to use it as a floral centerpiece.
About a month ago I found a box of new science test tubes at an estate sale. Often, when Dear Handyman asks me what I plan to do with something, I never have an answer. This was one of those times. But with a little patience I usually find a purpose for the thrifted treasures. Here is my unique floral centerpiece idea using a test tube in each clip and placing flowers in each one. Unfortunately I only had one geranium but you can get the idea. And it is quite obvious that this pairing of the two found objects was meant to be since the holder has 12 clips and the test tubes came in a box of 12.

Thank you again to all of my Followers and a special thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway.

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  1. Hey Lynda - I saw a cute idea once - get some of the old fashioned colored Christmas bulbs and snap the base of them in the prongs of your stamp holder - they look great displayed that way! Great find!I like your test tubes too......


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