Saturday, February 4, 2012

Taking Care of Business {and a bit of thrifting}

We had some "grown-up" business to take care of today which meant very little time for thrifting. We did sneak in one sale and found a couple of fun items.

My favorite find were Pushcards from around the 1940s. These were a type of lottery game card where the cardboard spots were punched out. What a great piece of ephemera to use in some projects.

We also found an unused paper garland with butterflies and flowers. This will probably go in my store so I won't open it but I thought it looked cheerful and bright.

This is a souvenir glass from Arizona. I can tell it is old because it is politically incorrect by today's standards. The glass is frosted with touristy scenes of Arizona around the cup.

The last item is a glass flower frog. It has a wide glass bowl that holds the frog tightly in place. This would be a unique way to hold make up brushes, art supplies or even flowers.

I'll try to post some of these items in my Stuff to Treasure store tomorrow. I hope everyone had a nice thrifty day.


  1. I haven't been visiting fleamarkets, garage sales etc. for such a long time... and I kinda miss it!

    Love the paper garland you found! Such a pretty pattern (butterflies/flowers).

    I have one of those flower frogs, and I use it for pencils/ball pens on the counter in my "shop"... Very handy! :-)

    Have a great Sunday, Lynda.

    Greetings from a {fre-eeeezing} cold Denmark

    1. Hi Lisbet,
      Stay warm!
      Greetings from Southern California.


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