Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Little Thrifting Therapy

Work has been extremely crazy lately and I've been putting in some overtime so I asked if I could take a little "thrifting therapy" time off. Happily I went to an estate sale on Friday morning! I was in line  two and a half hours before the sale opened. Luckily some friends pulled up right behind me so we sat and chatted which made the wait time fly by.

I can't say that these are my favorite finds this week but they are the most colorful. I researched a little about the Dream Pets by B.Dakin. The red reindeer on the left appears to be a Dream Pet but it looks older than anything I've seen online. It has glitter on the antlers, two yellow nostrils and just a small sewn-in label marked "Made in Japan". I can't find any information on the Mod wooden girl figure in the center. She is definitely from the 60s but I haven't found any manufacturer's information. Anyone know any information about these types of wooden figures? The item on the right is a vintage Walco Indian Bead Loom.
I found a lot of treasures buried in the garage at this sale. I found this old reversible, folding sleeve ironing board in a red and cream fabric carrying bag.
Also found this instant collection of natural bristle brushes. I think they are all horse hair.
And tucked away between two tall cabinets in the garage, I found an old painted set of shutters. Since it was only one set, there were other shoppers off hunting for the matching set once they say this one. The enamelware bin in front came from another estate sale today. I like the heavy feel of old enamelware plus they are a great storage solution.
We found a box of old Christmas ornaments including several odd spun cotton head figures. On the plastic deer in back there are two delicate butterflies with net wings.
The last sale today also had several nice glass and ceramic pieces. The milk glass hands in front are Westmoreland Glass. I learned a little more about this company today. In back is another small Pyrex refrigerator dish and a pretty ceramic hat pin stand with several nice hat pins.
I had a lot of fun at these sales. But my biggest bragging rights is that this was the first time that I drove my big, big truck on the freeway. Nothing and no one was going to stop me from getting a little well-deserved thrifting therapy time. Fearless!

Hope everyone had a great day of thrifting. As always, I will try to get most of these items into my Stuff to Treasure store as soon as possible.


  1. Oh thrifting therapy. It does wonders, doesnt' it. You found some great items. I just found some hands like those, but mine are from Avon. Hadn't seen them before and thought they were interesting.

  2. Just found your blog! It's fantastic. Having a great time perusing your vintage finds!


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