Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Morning Dilemma

I've noticed that I often face a dilemma on which sale to attend first on a Saturday morning {although this is a better dilemma than not having any sales at all}. The choices are between going to the second day of a great sounding estate sale or the first day of a good sounding garage sale. So I have finally come up with a formula on how to pick the best sale. I call it the "Eeny Meeny Miney Go" formula. In other words, there are no two weekend choices that are ever alike so you just pick somewhere to start and have fun.

Today I chose to start with a good sounding garage/estate sale. I got an amazing deal on some small Shiny Brite ornaments and two very large old ornaments.
The large ornament on the left is hand-painted and 6 1/2" long. The one on the right has three indents.

Next I went to a second-day estate sale. There wasn't an early crowd so I spoke to one of the people working the sale and heard that there was still a lot of items to be sold. This is where I need to note that what one person might consider a lot of items might not actually be items you are interested in buying.

I did find a few treasures.
The birds on the tomato are carved wooden pushpin made in Sweden. The two birds in front are spun cotton with wings and tails made of bits of pine cones or wood.
I have a nice collection of science beakers now so I bought one more. And this old photo was very sweet so I added it to my stash.
The last thing I found was a handful of hankies. I already have several that are in shades of red, blue and green so I added these into the collection. The hankie in back was interesting because the image is of spools, ribbons and sewing pins and is "signed" Sally Victor.

So the lesson learned today was that going to the second day of a great sounding estate sale wasn't the best idea. Either go on the first day and get the best selection but pay full price or go on the last day and get the best price but less selection. Going on the middle day just means less selection and full prices.

Hope everyone had a great day of thrifting. And if you have any ideas on how you choose which sale to attend first then please share with a comment below.

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  1. Finding Shiny Brites would make any day perfect! Especially if they were a deal!!


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