Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Thrill of the Hunt and Other Perks

Today's thrifting adventure had a slightly different start. Dear Handyman was working at a house where we had gone to an estate sale a few weeks back. At the sale, he got to talking with the family and they hired him to do the remodeling of the house. So since he had to be there early I found a couple of sales nearby.

The first estate sale was expensive and had nothing that I wanted or could afford. The best part was that while we were standing in line we started talking with a woman who wants to hire me to design her logo. A nice perk for standing in line and meeting people.

I dropped off Dear Handyman to work and went on to the next sale. This is where I not only found some good treasures but also got everything at a really great price.

My favorite find was a bag full of vintage plastic reindeer. They need to be cleaned up a bit because they have a little glitter on them.

So happy to find some old buttons and these old cupcake tins. I like these tins because they are so ornate and they are steel so magnets will stick. These make great altered art pieces.

I found several more old rulers. My two favorites were the wooden architect's ruler and the blue folding yardstick.
I also found these three little items. The magnifying glass is only 5" long and will make a nice altered art piece. The screwdriver has a unique wooden handle. And I think the yellow bird thing is a plant watering device but I'm not sure. It was just something that might end up in a Springtime project.
I hope everyone had a great day of thrifting. I'm off to finish some art projects in preparation for the Designers Craft Connection Blog Hop on Monday. Please check back to see what I create with some old vintage school supplies.


  1. The reindeer were a great find! Good for you! It's so fun isn't it? :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. The muffin tins are a pattern called Starburst (some also call them Sunburst) by Ovenex. I did a whole blog post on them here:
    I recently found an 8-well muffin tin just like yours but it was pretty grimy so I scrubbed it with some oven cleaner and it took off some of the baked-on grease. Not as good as shiny and new, but a big improvement!

    Love the blue folding ruler!

  3. I think that bird MAY be a pie bird? Depends, as I can't see all of it... :)



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